Chiniot Artist Ayub Majeed


art-work-by-ayube-majeedChiniot Artist Ayub Majeed is a great artist and spending his life at home due to unemployment in Pakistan and specially in small cities like Chiniot, we are going to present some of the unique pictures of Chiniot artist and his art work just to show the world that we have talent and we can prove can we can do it.
We are aiming to provide talented young a platform so they can promote their self .

6 Commentsto Chiniot Artist Ayub Majeed

  1. Chinioti says:

    Great work , Ayube you are Great Really Great

  2. zaheer says:

    i really appriciate this person who makes such type a piture.this is not only chiniot talent but also a Pakistan talent.

  3. mariya says:

    Amazing pictures.i really impress to see these pics.and i want to meet ayube majeed.bac i like painting and skaching.and i wand to learn some trick from Mr.ayube majeed

  4. Chinioti says:

    Sure you can just post what every you need and want to ask him as he is quiet often on this website on daily basis

  5. Ayub Majeed says:

    Thanks to all my friends for appreciate my work, Feeling really great full to get response like that.
    Love You All

  6. Chinioti says:

    Ayub Majeed is on Borad for every one you can post for him We welcome you all

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