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Chiniot Furniture

Chiniot is the best furniture producing city in Pakistan and the Chinioti furniture is equally famous within the country and the producing wooden furniture. Pakistan earns remarkable revenue by exporting Chiniot Furniture to several countries including USA, UK, UAE and other Gulf states.

Chiniot is known across the globe for its fine wood carving which even now can be seen over the window, doors, and balconies of the mansions in the heart of the old town. Furniture and handicrafts are two forms of wood carving found here. The made in

Chiniot furniture items are better in finishing as well as in quality standard than any other areas of the country. Raw material that is used to produce the furniture such as hardboard, wood, and yin-board, etc all is locally available. However, thanks to increase in demand of Chiniot furniture, the prices of raw material have also increased.

While all sorts of furniture are produced in Chiniot, the most admired and well-liked forms are carving and brass Inlay. The revenue earned through the sale of this furniture satisfies over 80% demand of the local market. The craftsmen of Chiniot have natural abilities and they are well known for the quality of their work since the Mughal era. At that time, many talented Chinioti artisans and other intelligent personalities rose to fame and secured positions in the Mughal-courts.

Though Chiniot furniture is already exported to different states, still the authorities are making efforts to improve the export to increase their foreign earnings. A remarkable portion of exports is in the form of wood handicrafts including items like Jewelry boxes, table lamps, table sets, trolleys, models of historical buildings and animals, mirror frames, screen partitions, etc.

Globally, Chiniot is competing with the furniture industry of Italy single-handedly. Worthwhile to know that Italy’s furniture industry has monopoly allover the world. While the carving style of both Chiniot and Italy is similar but the Chinioti furniture is more attractive and durable.

Chiniot furniture is made from Sheesham wood which is proportionally much better in strength and quality than Rose Wood, and is considered like Brazilian wood.

The history of Chiniot furniture industry goes back to almost two centuries and three to four thousands furniture workshops are operative at this time. More or less, forty to fifty thousand people are associated with the furniture-and-handicraft business in Chiniot.

Two spots in the city are where you can find the best pieces of furniture and handicraft are Mohalla Tarkhanan and the Shahra-e-Ouaide-Azam.

Chiniot Furniture

Best Quality Furniture could be found in Chiniot, Wooden furniture and many types of art work furniture and dry wood furniture. Chiniot furniture is the best furniture in the world.

Chiniot the heart of furniture and the top city in the world having a large quantity of furniture production and there are many furniture exporters who are exporting quality Chiniot furniture to different countries of the world.


The Best Bed Set are available at Chiniot Furniture Market . There are variety of Bed Sets made by wooden .

Sofa Sets

There are Quality Sofa Sets made in Chiniot Furniture

Dining Tables

There are many of many Dining tables manufactured in Chiniot furniture showrooms and workshops all are having good export quality with real old wood .

8 thoughts on “Chiniot Furniture

  1. Chinioti Post author

    What ever type of furniture you required you can visit chiniot and get that at very good price . same furniture are being sold by different show rooms in big city at very high price

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    1. Safyana Aslam

      I am interested in purchasing hand crafted furniture, sofa suites with matching coffee table, mirror, side tables lamp etc and maybe even doors and dining table if possible, please could you post me a catalogue of your designs and prices to the UK. Please email for my address.

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  5. alex

    hi there.
    recently i came from uk Pakistan.and i need some furniture.i seach it on internet and suggest to perchase it from chiniot.i heard chiniot ferniture is the best one in plz can you help me in that regard.


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