Chiniot Mosque – Badshahi Masjid

A Mughal Royal Masjid is in Chiniot.

The 16th one 100 Shahi mosque is found in the heart of Chiniot city. It was constructively sound before the restoration, which included the eradication of numerous supplemental spaces which had modified the primary massing, and the reconstitution of the decoration. The mosque is set on a single-storey podium with perimeter shops. The external fa├žades are demarcated by their well-known embellishment and by the four corner towers. The inside court has an ablution pool and three domes over a gallery bordering the appeal hall. The intervention, chiefly less noteworthy mends and redecoration, was valued to re-establish the prominence of the mosque in the inner-city fabric.

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  1. waqas vicky says:

    ye mere shar ki tareekhi masjid hai
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    • Chinioti says:

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  2. Naveed Shahzad Lali says:

    very very beatiful mosque of our district chiniot

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