Chiniot Pakistan Furniture

Chiniot is the best city of Pakistan producing wooden furniture. Chiniot Pakistan Furniture is the best furniture in the world and largely exporting around the world.

There are many manufacturer who export furniture and getting well business in furniture market.

10 thoughts on “Chiniot Pakistan Furniture

  1. sedat ad?can

    Dear Sirs,

    Hope you are well and everything is going well with you.
    Kindly let us know if you are producing handmade furniture and furniture accesoiries that are made from rose wood and are brazed as well.
    We kindly request you to send us more information about your products in case you have them within the specifications we require or alike the specifications we would like to have (brazed, rosewood).
    Kindly send us some pictures of them as well or let us know if you have a website where we may examine them.
    A pricelist on EXW Or CNF (Izmir/Turkey) basis would be highly appreciated.
    Kindly let us know the payment terms as well.

    Thank you in forward for your kind cooperation and hope that this may be the start of a fruitful business relationship.

    Best Regards,

    Sedat Adican

    Interglobalgrub AS

    1. Chinioti Post author

      Dear Sedat Adican

      Sorry for the Late reply but our Furniture department is going to answer your queries soon on your email address .


    2. Chinioti Post author

      Hi Sedat Adican

      Thanks for contacting us and Sorry for the late reply . yes we do the same we could offer you best handmade furniture with having different type of work,
      can we contact each other via email ?
      how to start ?
      thanks Regards

  2. Naseer Ahmad

    I am interested in doing business with you. Kindly reply me on my email and let me know if you are interested.

    Naseer Ahmad

  3. Chinioti Post author

    Dear Subhani

    Thanks for contacting us We will for sure can offer the same services. and We are proud to have you like Pakistan over there.
    Please let us know how to start ?


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