Chiniot History

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Chiniot History, Chiniot (Punjabi, Urdu: ?????) comprising two Punjabi words, ‘Chan’ and ‘Ote’, translates as ‘Behind the moon without light’. It is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan.


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Why Chiniot is Famous


is located about 160 kms to the west of Lahore. the basic fame of  it is wood work – items such as furniture’s, decoration pieces and wood-made bodies of trucks, buses and wagons. It is linked with the rest of the country by road and by rail.

Chiniot is known for woodcarving and furniture, brass and iron inlay also Copper and brass work is done within the walled city of Lahore since ages.

Chiniot History

Chiniot (Punjabi, Urdu: ?????) comprising two Punjabi words, ‘Chan’ and ‘Ote’, translates as ‘Behind the moon without light’. It is a city in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Chiniot History, Chiniot is the capital of Chiniot District, until 2009 it was part of Jhang District in the former Faisalabad Division. It is located on left bank of the Chenab River on the Sargodha to Faisalabad road. The population of Chiniot is estimated to be 1.5 million. Chiniot is located at Latitude: 31.7200 and Longitude: 72.9789. Chiniot is on the bank of River henab, and is famous for its furniture industry, which it also exports. Its labour force is specially skilled in woodwork. Chiniot comprises many small towns and villages.
Villages are mostly “Chak No.,” which is a village planned and established by English engineers during the colonial period. These villages were planned mostly along canal banks to distribute the population evenly. Bhawana City and Lalian are its Tehsils. The Lalian Tehsil is the richest one in terms of educated and employed human resource, a lot of which is holding high offices in the national bureaucracy. Amin Pur Bangla is famous rest house built by British before independence of Pakistan at bank of Jhang Branch Canal.
After independence of Pakistan in 1947, many Muslims of East Punjab and Haryana escaped from pograms and  genocide in India and settled in Chiniot.

Chiniot Mosque – Badshahi Masjid

A Mughal Royal Masjid is in Chiniot.

The 16th one 100 Shahi mosque is found in the heart of Chiniot city. It was constructively sound before the restoration, which included the eradication of numerous supplemental spaces which had modified the primary massing, and the reconstitution of the decoration. The mosque is set on a single-storey podium with perimeter shops. The external façades are demarcated by their well-known embellishment and by the four corner towers. The inside court has an ablution pool and three domes over a gallery bordering the appeal hall. The intervention, chiefly less noteworthy mends and redecoration, was valued to re-establish the prominence of the mosque in the inner-city fabric.