Earn Money Online Scams in Chiniot


Earn-Money-OnlineWe came across lot of students and freelancers are complaining about Earn money online scams. Now a days there are few company are running this business for students and free lancers to earn money while sitting at home .
Unfortunately none of them are paying money in real , all the companies are getting 100$ in advance to get your self registered which is very hard for a student or some one who want to earn money.

We had a survey in Chiniot for about 500 students and free lancers, the results we found are as below

  • Got registered with Earn online business 500 students
  • Started working students or free lancers 300
  • Registration feeĀ  Paid 100$ by 500 students
  • After 3 months 200 students got exhaust and left
  • After 3 months 150 students got negative balance in their account rather than getting profit
  • After 3 months there were only few professionals who got 10 $ in plus for the work done by them

So the results showings above are the facts and anyone can easily understand that there is no fact in earning money online until some company train the students and free lancers first and then without registration feee they should start earning money online while sitting at home .


3 Commentsto Earn Money Online Scams in Chiniot

  1. Gertrude says:

    That’s not just logic. That’s rlealy sensible.

  2. SANA says:

    I have listened about Google Adsense but Also listened that they also ban account before giving the payments to publisher . ! is this right ?

    • Chinioti says:

      No its wrong, Google always made the payment to publisher until unless publisher made some wrong or unEthical activities only. We are getting payment from google for last 5 years

      please let us know if you need any help in this regards

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