Shrine of Hazrat Shah Burhan-ud-Din

The shrine of famous Sufi Saint Hazrat Shah Burhan-ud-Din is one of the most frequently visited spiritual places in Chiniot city. A simple but awe-inspiring building of the shrine is constructed on vernacular style which reflects Mogul Architecture.

Shah Burhan was born as Sadaat Bukhari in Lahore in 981 Hijri. He passed his childhood and teenage life in Lahore. After completing the formal education in his city of birth, he traveled across the Punjab in pursue of spirituality.

Spending a few years in the mentorship of well-known saints, Shah Burhan came to Chiniot at the age of Twenty five and eternally settled in the city. He was belonged to “Sohervardia” series. God had given him some implausible miraculous powers through which he inspired hundreds and thousands of souls to be his disciples.

Shah Burhan was died on 12th Ramadan, 1061 Hijri in Chiniot. His Urs is celebrated on the same date every year and his followers from all parts of the country remunerate esteem to their spiritual guide in different styles.

The construction of Shah Burhan’s vault was started in 1061 Hijri and it took almost three years to complete. The stone-based vault is spread over 12 Marlas. The height of the building is approximately 62 feet and its walls are designed and painted proficiently.

The entry door of the vault is made up of wood and iron while the inner door is only wooden. The windows of the building are made up of stone and bricks and skillfully designed. The back side door of the tomb glows with the heart touching pray of Nade-e-Ali.

Beside the tomb, there are two houses, from which one is allocated for the pilgrims while the second is used as dwelling for the caretaker.

The present caretaker of the tomb is Manzoor Hussain Sethi Burhani.

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