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Chiniot Wooden handicrafts

Chiniot Wooden handicrafts

From the initial times, man has been trying different techniques and constructive material to introduce newest trends in handicrafts. Wood is one of the oldest manufacturing supplies recognized by man and till now considered as one of the most good-looking and nifty supplies. Due to its unique properties, wood preserves a special place amongst the furniture manufacturers.

In Pakistan, there are a number of manufacturers, who are creating different attractive wooden handicrafts thatare loved by the people over the globe. But if you want to buy the unique wooden craft, you should go for Chiniot wooden handicrafts.

Chiniot – which is a beautiful city on the border of river Chenab – got the status of Tehsil in 1868 in Jhang District. Chiniot furniture industry is approximately 150-200 years old and managed to get popularity in furniture industry since Mughal era. The industry has produced an extensive range of products, which includes; ethnic furniture, traditional imitations and furniture constituents etc.

The city of Chiniot is famous for its unique wooden furniture and art pieces. Chiniot wooden handicrafts have a special importance in all over the world. Many handicrafts lovers from USA, Sri Lanka, UK and Gulf countries (such as Oman, Kuait, UAE and Saudi Arabia) come in Pakistan to buy Chiniot wooden furniture.

Chiniot wooden handicrafts comprise doors, windows, pine wood products, beautiful wooden jewelry and gift boxes, mirror frames, large picture frames, wall brackets and table mirrors etc.

Chiniot wooden furniture is not only popular in Pakistan but the furniture buyers from all over the world use to visit Chiniot to purchase furniture. Chiniot crafts are enormously prized by the foreigners because the artisans of the city use their all skills to create unique and attractive designs.

Thousands businessmen began their business in the city of Chiniot and finally immerged as the globe’s best manufacturers of wooden handicrafts as well as furniture products. A large number of Exporters are busy in exporting Chiniot wooden handicrafts and furniture to other countries.

Chinioti furniture showrooms are full of wooden handicrafts and furniture products, which have been displayed to grab the attentions of handicrafts and furniture lovers.

Chinioti Wooden Furniture

Man always wants to live in luxury and comfort and perhaps that’s why everyday we hear about new and latest inventions that can offer tranquility and pleasure to human. One such innovation is wooden furniture. Figuring out where our affection with all wooden things comes from is crucial for understanding human nature and aesthetics. Since the time immemorial, man started exploiting timber as a major raw material for various freight, vessels, furniture and encompassing dwellings.

English, French, German and American craftsmen all created highly itemized, elegantly-crafted wooden chairs that flaunted the knots, grains and designs of exotic woods, all secured under layers of polish.

When it comes to buy unique and premium quality furniture, the first name that comes in mind is Chiniot, a city in Punjab, Pakistan. Chiniot is the furniture hub of Pakistan and the furniture pieces produced there are exported across the globe. Chinioti artisans have intuitive good taste and they’ve achieved a distinct excellence in woodwork.

Besides main furniture pieces, Chiniot-based small handicrafts as well as the master pieces of craftsmen are also equally famous among the furniture buyers and collectors.

Chiniot offers a variety of furniture created by a verity of woods. The most important type of woodwork, which particularly belongs to Chiniot, is “Carving”. It’s a cutting style work; the piece of particular wood makes a design which shapes similar to a paper cut that’s carving.

The main wood used to make the furniture is SHEESHAM, and its permanence is just matchless. The major furniture pieces include:

·         Bed set

·         Sofa Set,

·         Dinning set

·         Jharoka (console)

·         Dinning cupboard

·         Handicrafts

The main style of Chiniot furniture is “Victoria” and it’s counted in antique these days.

You can see the master pieces of woodwork on all furniture showrooms where even chairs are not just chairs but the reflection of handiworks with ease and comfort of artistic sense.

Down to the increasing demand of Chiniot wooden furniture, the prices of raw materials used in furniture making such as chipboard, foam, timber, color paints, hard ware and polish chemical materials have increased.

Among the major customers of Chiniot wooden furniture are the United States of America, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka and Gulf states like the Saudi Arabia, Kuait, United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Chiniot furniture handicrafts


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